What We do

Financial Services

Verification and Recovery of excess Bank Charges

Most banks behave unethically by charging and debiting customer accounts with arbitrary, unauthorized, illegal charges. They conceal these charges using different terminologies that make them acceptable to the customers. These charges are designed to increase the income/profit of the bank to the disadvantage of the customer. We verify and recover every such charge at no cost to the client.


By law, every organization is required to present audited financial statements to the members, tax agencies and Corporate Affairs Commission, banks and other lending institutions. At iPAS Consulting, we provide audit opinions on financial statements. In addition, we conduct business review and advice on improved accounting, financial management and control, tax compliance, and protection against fraud. 


Paying tax is mandatory. Tax is a major expense item in the income and expenditure
statement of business organizations. NGOs and government ministries, departments
and agencies are also required as tax agents to deduct and remit certain types of
taxes to the tax agencies. There are penalties for non-compliance. Tax can become a
major distraction from normal business activities if not carefully planned.
At iPAS Consulting, we assist our client to develop appropriate strategy that
consistently ensure tax compliance and save on tax expenses. We:

~ Advise on Tax Compliance

~ Process Registration with Tax Agencies

~ Prepare and File Tax Returns

~ Process Tax Clearance Certificate

~ Reply to Tax query

~ Defend Our client Against Arbitrary Tax

~ Process Tax Refunds

~ Save on tax- through tax planning and tax compliance

Project / business management

Back Duty / Tax Audit / Revenue Monitoring and Control.

Government agencies responsible for revenue collection will usually require technical support in identifying, assessing and collecting, and monitoring revenue that should have been paid to government. At iPAS Consulting, under an Accelerated Revenue Generation Plan, we help Federal, state and local governments to: 

~Conduct tax payer enumeration.

~Create data base of tax payers.

~Implement tax management systems.

~Carry out back duty / tax audit.

~Monitor collection and the accountability process.

~Provide technical training in accounting, tax and management.

~Provide tax consultation service to enterprises(MDAs, NGOs and business organizations ) on PAYE, VAT, withholding taxes, company income tax, education tax and pension.

Sourcing finance / fund raising

Finance is a critical resource for existing or new businesses. At iPAS Consulting, we source finance for our clients. We help to:  

~Prepare business plans, feasibility studies and cash flow forecast, 

~Develop financial plan appropriate to the business – equity, loan, leasing, overdraft, etc.

~Source finance for manufacturers, distributors, contractors, trade associations and government agencies.

~Monitor disbursements and prepare regular accounting reports

Estate & Trust Tax Services

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Human resource development

Payroll, staff audit and biometric Enrolment

Over time, organizations tend to overpay employees arising from inclusion of dummy names (also known as ghost workers) in the payroll. Some get placed on levels or grades above their levels while some also remain in service beyond their productive years arising from false age declaration. At iPAS Consulting, we help to identify, quantify and eliminate all forms of overpayment and irregularities from the payroll system through payroll and staff audit, biometric enrolment and implementation of e-attendance management. 

Accounting, payroll and data processing services(oUTSOURCING)

Today’s business environment is challenging and organizations are being asked to do
more with less. Organisations must focus on their core business by outsourcing other
critical services. iPAS Consulting provides three service plans: 

~ Regular Service Plan – We visit at intervals to update your accounting records,
prepare your accounting reports, process your payroll and pay your staff and file
monthly tax returns.

~ Dedicated Service Plan – We set up your accounting system and deploy
competent and committed accounting, internal audit, secretarial and computer
staff to your company for day to day.

~ Technical Support Plan – We set up your accounting system, recruit and train
your staff to maintain your accounting records. We return at agreed intervals for
Whatever your choice of service plan, you just pay a monthly service charge that easily fit you budget. The service may include:

~ Accounting process Review

~ Set-up of Accounting System

~ Accounting Record keeping/ data entry services

~ Preparing and interpreting accounting reports

~ Processing payroll and payment of salaries

~ Preparing and filing monthly Tax Returns [VAT, PAYE, Withholding Taxes]

Manpower development and training

Knowledge, skill, competence and commitment are critical to business success in an increasingly challenging “do more with less” business climate. The iPAS Seminars provide practical courses /learning experience that give insight into how you can improve performance, save cost and empower your people. iPAS Training & Consultancy are regular organizers of accounting, finance, tax and leadership training programmes. We also provide computer training in accounting packages and data management systems.

Supply Chain management

iPAS Consulting through our real business and professional associates also provides general supplies and carry out other contracts/services: some of these services may include:

~ Corporate Legal Services.

~ Signage.

~ Corporate Branding.