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Financial Services

This part of iPAS was established to provide high-quality accounting, auditing, assurance, tax, and financial guidance. 
We assist organizations in statutory audits, financial reporting, fixed asset inventory/management, tax planning, and financial management and control to ensure long-term success.

project and Business manaement

We conduct project/business appraisals, construct business plans, feasibility studies, budgeting, preparation of technical/financial bids, cash flow projections, source finance, debt factoring, back duty/tax audit, revenue monitoring, and risk-based assessment through this branch of iPAS.


human resource development

In an increasingly challenging “do more with less” business atmosphere, competence and commitment are crucial to success. 
IPAS ‘ capacity building training gives insight into how organizations can enhance performance, save money, and empower their employees. 
To that purpose, we do needs analysis for staff training, open/in-house/joint training, employee recruiting, supply, and supervision as part of an outsourced service plan. 
Organizations overpay employees over time as result of the introduction of fictitious names (also known as ghost workers) in the payroll. 
Some staffs are placed on levels or grades that are higher than their current grades. 
To prevent such overpayments and irregularities, we offer payroll staff auditing and biometric enrollment services.

Supply Chain Management

iPAS through our real business and professional associates also provide general supplies and carry out other contracts/services: some of these services may include: corporate legal services, signage, corporate, branding ; preparation design and print of organizations corporate profiles and business cards and other publicity items as well as materials supplies.

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